I'm Jason Cerundolo, an engineer with experience in mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineering.


I have over five years of experience as a hardware engineer, working on electronics design in Silicon Valley. I currently work full time developing hardware for augmented reality.

I'm also the founder and president of the Student Defense Initiative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit alumni organization for Caltech.

I graduated from Caltech in 2009 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. From there, I went on to Northwestern for an M.S., also in Mechanical Engineering. I focused on the control theory aspects of mechanical engineering, which gave me a great introductory education in electrical and firmware engineering.


I grew up in the Boston area before leaving home for college in sunny California. After one year in Chicago, I'm settling down in Silicon Valley. I enjoy science fiction and gaming, especially Halo. In my free time, I work on renovating my house, a fixer-upper.