I'm starting this blog to document the process of taking an open-source hardware project from concept to product. I'll be diving deep into matters that include design for manufacture, component selection, supply chain management, pricing, assembly, marketing, sales, and logistics. In my professional career, I've worked on many projects up through the production stage. However, these projects were hardware tools for my company’s internal use. This blog will follow the first project I am making available to the general public.

My personal goals for this project are threefold:

  • Have a cool clock at the end.
  • Learn about Internet-connected modules, such as the Spark Core.
  • Gain experience with the process of taking a hardware project to market.

I can't guarantee I will make a successful product. Regardless, I intend to post updates on my progress here as I go through each of the challenges related to this project. Whether or not there is a successful product at the end, I know I will learn a great deal about the process. My hope is that you can learn with me.